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Cowboys, jockeys, polo players and gauchos: Cambridge graduate Alice Whaley works hands-on in cultures of horsemanship all over the world, and writes about the people and stories she finds there.

As research for her upcoming book about global cultures of horsemanship, she began at a Picadero near Seville, working with Dressage horses and Bull-Fighting bulls, went on an expedition around Argentina, then worked on a Polo farm and an Estancia in Uruguay. Having worked with Spanish and South American cowboys, the United States had to be next on the list. She’s worked on a cattle ranch in Colorado, and more recently, for Sankey Pro Rodeo and Hi Lo Pro Rodeo stock ranches in Montana and Arkansas.

Now she’s researching horse racing in the UK, dedicating a book to the stories behind all aspects of the industry, from breeding, to breaking; from sales, to training.

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