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I grew up in the Andalusian countryside, near a town called Tarifa. Goats, cows, and horses graze freely on the mountain behind my family home. As a little girl, I spent my days riding my stubborn little pony, Jigsaw, up and down the mountain with my best friend. Even while I was at boarding school in the UK, Andalucia was always my home. I graduated from Cambridge University in June 2019, and, having spent most of my 21 years in a library, I decided it was time for a change.

This year, I'm throwing myself into a different kind of work. Although I’ve been riding all my life, I’ve always prioritised my academics, and have never dedicated myself to becoming a serious horsewoman. Far from the solemn walls of Cambridge's libraries, I'm now working with horses all over the world.

I began at a Picadero near Seville, working with Dressage horses and Bull-Fighting bulls, went on an expedition around Argentina, then worked on a Polo farm and an Estancia in Uruguay. Having worked with Spanish and South American cowboys, the United States had to be next on the list. I’ve worked on a cattle ranch in Colorado, and more recently, for Sankey Pro Rodeo and Hi Lo Pro Rodeo stock ranches in Montana and Arkansas.

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